Friday, August 20, 2010


We have been quite busy the last few weeks with some unexpected decisions regarding our housing situation. About a month ago we started talking about the *remote* possibility of moving to a different part of Bryan. There were quite a few reasons why (living closer to friends/people in our life stage, great time to buy a house, etc) but ultimately we were not in a position where we really needed to move.

After talking to a couple of Realtors, we realized how terrible of a time it is to sell a home in Bryan/College Station (or probably anywhere!). We went ahead and put it on the market with open hands, not wanting to get our hopes up about moving.

Well, less than 2 weeks later, we have a contract on our house!! We couldn't believe it. We didn't get a call the first week but then within 4 days 3 different people came and viewed it and one came again and put an offer down the next day. So, here we are, 2 months (yesterday!) into marriage and are getting ready to buy another house and move. This was definitely not on our radar 2 months ago!

2010 is definitely a year of transition for the Meyers but we are so thankful for this open door the Lord has given. We are excited for where we are headed next. I will keep you updated...but we may be next-door neighbors to our close friends, the Lees! We are so thankful for the Lord's provision way above and beyond our expectations.


  1. Fun! You'll have to post pictures of the new place of the new place :)

  2. So exciting!! Happy moving and please do keep us updated with pictures until we can see it live! :)

  3. YAY! That is so fun!!! It's perfect too... because now you can really decorate the way you want it! :)

  4. Hey, that's awesome! BTW, the Lees are friends with my good friends from high school who also went to A&M (Sally and Justin Lopez). Fun fun!

  5. Congrats little sis!! I am so excited you are blogging! Yea!!
    Miss you! xoxo! Yes, I remember all those marble slab study breaks too :)