Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Remember that time I didn't post for two weeks?

Well, apparently I haven't gotten off to a great start on this little blog of ours. Here's to hoping post-marriage brings more blog posts!

It's our WEDDING WEEK!! We are beyond excited and so ready for Saturday to be here. During this time of engagement we have been so blessed by our friends and family celebrating and honoring us during this time. This morning I am just blown away by how many people we are blessed with in our lives that love us so well! It is easy to get bogged down by the details and to do lists but we do want to enjoy and remember this time.

Family starts arriving today and the next few days will be filled with wedding-related events until we leave for BELIZE on Sunday!

I wanted to do a quick post on our precious flower girls! We have 2 and one honorary:

Our good friends, Brian and Steph Lee's daughter, Jada:

Jared's cousin, Kaitlynn:
Our honorary flower girl is my niece, Caroline:

I would say we have some very precious flower girls!! All three are very special to us and we are honored they will be joining us on Saturday!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Way back when-sday

I always enjoy reading my friend Allison's Way back when-sday posts so I thought today was a perfect day to copy her fun tradition! I am uploading pictures for our rehearsal dinner slide show today and have come across some really fun pictures. I do want to share a couple of the progression of my hair over the years.

First, kindergarten with the hot red tights and HUGE bow! My hair was in the "fountaintop" do for all of childhood until my mom let me grow it out in first grade. And next, we have my gem of a picture from 8th grade. It was at the moment we got our school pictures back I realized how large my hair had become. I tried to convince my friends it was so big because I was laughing and holding my head back but deep down I knew the truth. Something must be done about the hair! My sister made me lean back in the passenger seat when she was driving me around because my hair blocked her view. Shameful. I'd also like to point out I was still missing teeth. In 8th grade. I didn't lose my first tooth until 3rd and didn't lose them all until after 8th grade. Talk about a rough year.Anyway, hope you all enjoyed a little flashback of my hair!! Happy Wednesday!